We understand that you care about relationships with your customers throughout their entire journey with you. As such, our product facilitates your management of customer relationship with the same approach, which begins from Brand Awareness, to Consideration, Purchase, Retention, then Advocacy.

Our simple and user-friendly AVT CRM product shall be an effective tool to help you in allocating your valuable time with right people at the right time on the right topic.


Free Trial

14-day free trial. No payment or credit card is required.

  • You may enjoy basic features as following:
  • 1. Basic CRM system
  • 2. Broadcast WhatsApp messages to customers at your hand with your own WhatsApp Business Account with one click.


Optimal for Start-Up & Mid-Market Brands

  • You may enjoy the following advanced features:
  • 1. Seamlessly design and run your campaign using Email and WhatsApp.
  • 2. Personalize your campaign content for each customer.
  • 3. Real-time campaign performance and customer feedback/reactions.
  • 4. Real-time follow up with customer.
  • 5. Manage your customer life cycle.
  • 6. Interact with our team of in-house experts on Customer Engagement & reachability.


Optimal for Enterprises

  • You may enjoy the following advanced features on top of Starter package:
  • 1. Recommend customer segments and profiles for each campaign using AI.
  • 2. Send personalized communications based on customer behavior and interactions.
  • 3. Campaign optimization with the timing and content suggested by AI.
  • 4. Manage customer relationship through marketing, sales, customer services and loyalty programs.
  • 5. Get assisted with intelligent bot for customer services.
  • 6. Have customer-360 view and their journeys with you from no awareness until loyalty.